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A Southern woman’s blog about … everything

There are so many options for paddling adventures around Eureka Springs! This was taken on Table Rock Lake, about 15 minutes north of downtown.

This is my personal blog about being the hero of my own story. There’s no rescuer, no healer, no fixer for me better than me. And the same is true for each of us. If you don’t yet feel like the Hero of Your Story, I encourage you to follow along and come on this journey with me. Get inspired and seek whatever help you need to do the work required and Find Your Sparkle and Sing! 

My blog will range from lighthearted topics like how to give yourself a little nature break when you have #chronicpain or #chronicillness, or solo travel with your dog – to heavier topics such as healing from trauma and domestic violence; and navigating a broken U.S. healthcare system as a woman unwilling to take anti-depressants as the “quick fix” far too many male doctors offer.

Along the way I’ll share the myriad things that taught me how to like and love myself first and most (Pro Tip: you won’t burn in hell for putting your needs first, despite the lies we were told in church); and how I reconnect with my childhood sense of wonder and JOY even during the hardest of the hard work of healing.

Thank you for visiting my website!

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