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Meet ‘Gramps’ the neighbor’s Napping Horse

Since I moved back to Eureka Springs late last year, everything has seemed new and more magical than I ever noticed before. Every cow looks fuzzier; every mountain, creek, and waterfall possesses more beauty; every event I attend brings more friendly faces offering more heartfelt hugs; every song I hear is more meaningful.

Perhaps because I am Present now – and I was not when I lived here before; I was barely surviving, putting my whole self and my whole soul into my career and into an unhealthy relationship. I’ve learned a lot since then, and I’m thankful for all of it. 

Today I introduce to you one of my favorite neighbors, the “Carl Lewis of Horse Naps,” aka “Gramps,” who lives just north of #eurekasprings near Holiday Island and marches to a different equine drum, haha. He is always hanging out separate from his pasture-mates, and he loves to nap (aka play dead) in the sunlight! 

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