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Normalize Huh? Naw, fam

This trend of everyone posting “#normalize such-and-such” has been buggin’ me for a while and I just recently figured out why.

But first, here’s an idea: We all just do whatever the fuck we need to do to be authentic and at peace — regardless of anyone’s definition of “normal” and regardless of whether anyone else is doing or saying what we are doing or saying.

I have never been “normal” and I have never understood what the rules for “normal” even were, let alone followed them! 😆

Over the past 4 years especially, l have “normalized” doing and saying everything that feels true, authentic, and/or right for me, and I’ve “normalized” avoiding anyone and everyone who doesn’t embrace me and all my authenticity EVEN when that authenticity might look different now than it did yesterday! (And if I’m growing that means I’m changing.)

Forget about normal.
Be yourself.
Be authentic.
Be present.
Be at peace.
Be willing to make and own mistakes.
Be willing to work hard for (and celebrate!) your growth milestones and accomplishments.
Be bold in your emotions and your words.
Be your own biggest supporter and cheerleader.

TLDR: Be the best version of you that you can, every day, for the sake of your own peace and happiness, first and foremost. 10/10 highly recommend 😁😉

Now, for the “but why does it bother you?”

Normal is just another disguise for #censorship, #fear, or #peerpressure — and if we really wanna go a little deeper, the unspoken expectation to be “normal” in modern society kinda seems like widespread involuntary #shame. And y’all, listen: I am fuckin’ done living with shame. *Especially* shame from bullshit society rules and expectations that I didn’t sign up for! I mean, god forbid we all just openly share feelings and experiences and stories and lessons and failures. Anyone who doesn’t see THOSE things as “normal” is not anyone I want to be around.

Fuck Normal.
Just sayin!

#authenticself #youdoyouboo #sparkleandsing #useyourvoice